General Chairs

  • Iadh Ounis, University of Glasgow
  • Ian Ruthven, University of Strathclyde

IR Track Chair

  • Arjen de Vries, CWI

KM Track Chair

  • Bettina Berendt, KU Leuven

DB Track Chair

  • Wenfei Fan, University of Edinburgh

Chair-At-Large and Workshop Chair

  • Craig Macdonald, University of Glasgow

Local Organisation Chair

  • Jon Ritchie, University of Glasgow

Sponsorship Chairs

  • Ryen White, Microsoft
  • Marius Pasca, Google

Award Chair

  • David Carmel, IBM Research Lab, Haifa

Poster Chair

  • Gianni Amati, FUB

Industry Event Chairs

  • Daniel Tunkelang, LinkedIn
  • Tony Russell-Rose, UXLabs and City University London

Tutorial Chairs

  • Jaap Kamps, University of Amsterdam
  • Fabrizio Silvestri, ISTI-CNR

Demonstration Chair

  • Omar Alonso, Microsoft

Panel Chair

  • Jeremy Pickens, Catalyst Repository Systems

Publicity Chair

  • Don Metzler, University of Southern California

Proceedings Chairs

  • Matt Lease, University of Texas at Austin
  • Fidel Cacheda, University A Coruna

Travel Grants Chair

  • Leif Azzopardi, University of Glasgow

Registration Chair

  • Richard McCreadie, University of Glasgow