Schedule: Wednesday 26th October 2011

Programme at a Glance
Argyll 1 Argyll 2 Argyll 3 Barra & Jura Staffa & Shuna Castle
Wednesday 26th October 2011
08:30-09:15 Keynote - Justin Zobel
09:15-09:30 Demo Boasters 2
09:30-10:00 Coffee break and Demos 2
10:00-12:00 Machine Learning for Information Retrieval Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning Type and Structure Distributed Data Management and Data Integration Applications in Different Areas
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Information Retrieval Implementation Techniques Social Networks and Communities Language Technology and Information Retrieval Keyword Search and Ranked Queries Sentiments and Other Perspectives
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:40 Results in Context When Search is Not Solitary: Perspectives on Social and Collaborative Search (Panel) Image Retrieval Evaluation and Analysis Data Cleaning and Analysis KM posters
19:00-23:00 Banquet

Machine Learning for Information Retrieval (10:00-12:00)

Room: Argyll 1
Chair: Stephen Robertson

A Probabilistic Method for Inferring Preferences from Clicks
Katja Hofmann, Shimon Whiteson, Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)

Intent-Aware Query Similarity
Jiafeng Guo, Xueqi Cheng (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS), Gu Xu (Microsoft Research Asia), Xiaofei Zhu (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS)

Semi-supervised Learning to Rank with Preference Regularization
Martin Szummer, Emine Yilmaz (Microsoft Research)

Simultaneous Clustering of Multi-Type Relational Data via Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization [short]
Hua Wang, Heng Huang, Chris Ding (University of Texas at Arlington)

Collaborative Online Learning of User Generated Content [short]
Guangxia Li, Kuiyu Chang, Steven C.H. Hoi, Wenting Liu (Nanyang Technological University), Ramesh Jain (University of California)

Structured Learning of Two-Level Dynamic Rankings [short]
Karthik Raman, Thorsten Joachims, Pannaga Shivaswamy (Cornell University)

Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning (10:00-12:00)

Room: Argyll 2
Chair: Shin Ando

Can Irrelevant Data Help Semi-supervised Learning, Why and How?
Haiqin Yang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Shenghuo Zhu (NEC Laboratories America), Irwin King (The Chinese University of Hong Kong & AT&T Labs Research), Michael R. Lyu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Toward Interactive Training and Evaluation
Gregory Druck, Andrew McCallum (University of Massachusetts)

Semi-supervised Multi-task Learning of Structured Prediction Models for Web Information Extraction
Paramveer S. Dhillon (University of Pennsylvania), Sundararajan Sellamanickam, Sathiya Keerthi Selvaraj (Yahoo! Labs)

Memory-less Unsupervised Clustering for Data Streaming by Versatile Ellipsoidal Function [short]
Niwan Wattanakitrungroj, Chidchanok Lursinsap (Advanced Virtual and Intelligent Computing (AVIC) Center)

Coupled Nominal Similarity in Unsupervised Learning [short]
Can Wang, Longbing Cao (University of Technology, Sydney), Mingchun Wang (Tianjin University of Technology and Education), Jinjiu Li, Wei Wei, Yuming Ou (University of Technology, Sydney)

Feature Selection using Hierarchical Feature Clustering [short]
Huawen Liu (Zhejiang Normal University), Xindong Wu (University of Vermont), Shichao Zhang (University of Technology, Sydney)

Type and Structure (10:00-12:00)

Room: Argyll 3
Chair: Leif Azzopardi

Learning to Aggregate Vertical Results into Web Search Results
Jaime Arguello (University of North Carolina), Fernando Diaz (Yahoo! Research), Jamie Callan (Carnegie Mellon University)

Coreference Aware Web Object Retrieval
Jeffrey Dalton (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Roi Blanco, Peter Mika (Yahoo! Research)

Tag Clouds Revisited
Dimitrios Skoutas, Mohammad Alrifai (L3S Research Center)

Ranking-based Processing of SQL Queries [short]
Hany Azzam, Thomas Roelleke, Sirvan Yahyaei (Queen Mary, University of London)

Keyword Search over RDF Graphs [short]
Shady Elbassuoni (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics), Roi Blanco (Yahoo! Labs)

Frequency-aware Similarity Measures---Why Arnold Schwarzenegger is Always a Duplicate
Dustin Lange, Felix Naumann (Hasso Plattner Institute)

Distributed Data Management and Data Integration (10:00-12:00)

Room: Barra & Jura
Chair: Philip Bohannon

I/O-Efficient Algorithms for Answering Pattern-Based Aggregate Queries in a Sequence OLAP System
Chun Kit Chui, Ben Kao (The University of Hong Kong), Eric Lo (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Reynold Cheng (The University of Hong Kong)

Tractable XML Data Exchange via Relations
Rada Chirkova (North Carolina State University), Leonid Libkin, Juan L Reutter (University of Edinburgh)

A Parallel Algorithm for Computing Borders
Nicolas Hanusse, Sofian Maabout (University of Bordeaux)

Supporting Queries Spanning Across Phases of Evolving Artifacts using Steiner Forests
Siarhei Bykau, John Mylopoulos (University of Trento), Flavio Rizzolo (Carleton University), Yannis Velegrakis (University of Trento)

Provenance-Based Refresh in Data-Oriented Workflows
Robert Ikeda, Semih Salihoglu, Jennifer Widom (Stanford University)

Applications in Different Areas (10:00-12:00)

Room: Shuna & Staffa
Chair: David Hawking

Enriching Textbooks with Images
Rakesh Agrawal, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Anitha Kannan, Krishnaram Kenthapadi (Microsoft Research)

Exploring the Corporate Ecosystem with a Semi-Supervised Entity Graph
Hassan H Malik, Ian MacGillivray, Mans Olof-Ors, Siming Sun, Shailesh Saroha (Thomson Reuters)

Generating Links to Background Knowledge: A Case Study Using Narrative Radiology Reports
Jiyin He (Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica), Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam), Merlijn Sevenster, Rob van Ommering, Yuechen Qian (Philips Research)

Information extraction from pathology reports in a hospital setting [short]
David Martinez, Yue Li (NICTA & University of Melbourne)

Extract Knowledge from Semi-structured Websites for Search Task Simplification [short]
Yingqin Gu (Renmin University of China), Jun Yan (Microsoft Research Asia), Hongyan Liu (Tsinghua University), Jun He (Renmin University of China), Lei Ji, Ning Liu, Zheng Chen (Microsoft Research Asia)

Privacy Protected Knowledge Management in Services with Emphasis on Quality Data [short]
Debapriyo Majumdar, Rose Catherine, Shajith Ikbal, Karthik Visweswariah (IBM Research)

Information Retrieval Implementation Techniques (13:30-15:30)

Room: Argyll 1
Chair: Justin Zobel

Efficiency Optimizations for Interpolating Subqueries
Marc-Allen Cartright, James Allan (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Efficiently Encoding Term Co-occurrences in Inverted Indexes
Marcus Fontoura (Google Inc.), Maxim Gurevich, Vanja Josifovski, Sergei Vassilvitskii (Yahoo! Research)

SIMD-Based Decoding of Posting Lists
Alexander A. Stepanov, Anil R. Gangolli, Daniel E. Rose, Ryan J. Ernst, Paramjit S. Oberoi (

Factorization-based Lossless Compression of Inverted Indices [short]
George Beskales (University of Waterloo), Marcus Fontoura (Google Inc.), Maxim Gurevich, Sergei Vassilvitskii, Vanja Josifovski (Yahoo! Labs)

TOPSIG: Topology Preserving Document Signatures [short]
Shlomo Geva, Christopher De Vries (Queensland University of Technology)

Implementation Techniques for Large-Scale Latent Semantic Indexing Applications [short]
Roger B Bradford (Agilex Technologies Inc.)

Social Networks and Communities (13:30-15:30)

Room: Argyll 2
Chair: Meredith Ringel Morris

Discovering Top-k Teams of Experts with/without a Leader in Social Networks
Mehdi Kargar, Aijun An (York University)

Content based Social Behavior Prediction: A Multi-task Learning Approach [short]
Hongliang Fei, Ruoyi Jiang, Yuhao Yang, Bo Luo, Jun Huan (University of Kansas)

Improving User Interest Inference From Social Neighbors [short]
Zhen Wen, Ching-Yung Lin (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)

CASINO: Towards Conformity-aware Social Influence Analysis in Online Social Networks [short]
Hui Li, Sourav S Bhowmick, Aixin Sun (Nanyang Technological University)

Mining Direct Antagonistic Communities in Explicit Trust Networks [short]
David Lo, Didi Surian, Kuan Zhang, Ee-Peng Lim (Singapore Management University)

Connecting Users with Similar Interests via Tag Network Inference [short]
Xufei Wang, Huan Liu (Arizona State University), Wei Fan (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Do All Birds Tweet the Same? Characterizing Twitter Around the World [short]
Barbara Poblete (University of Chile), Ruth Garcia (Yahoo! Research Barcelona), Marcelo Mendoza (Yahoo! Research Latin-America), Alejandro Jaimes (Yahoo! Research Barcelona)

Language Technology and Information Retrieval (13:30-15:30)

Room: Argyll 3
Chair: Jussi Karlgen

Statistical Source Expansion for Question Answering
Nico Schlaefer (Carnegie Mellon University), Jennifer Chu-Carroll (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Eric Nyberg (Carnegie Mellon University), James Fan, Wlodek Zadrozny, David Ferrucci (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Effective and Efficient Polarity Estimation in Blogs based on Sentence-Level Evidence
Jose M Chenlo, David E. Losada (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)

Passage Retrieval for Incorporating Global Evidence in Sequence Labeling
Jeffrey Dalton, James Allan, David A Smith (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Sentiment Classification Based on Supervised Latent n-gram Analysis
Dmitriy Bespalov (Drexel University / NEC Labs America), Bing Bai, Yanjun Qi (NEC Labs America), Ali Shokoufandeh (Drexel University)

Legal Document Clustering with Built-in Topic Segmentation
Qiang Lu, Jack G. Conrad, Khalid Al-Kofahi, William Keenan (Thomson Reuters)

Keyword Search and Ranked Queries (13:30-15:30)

Room: Barra & Jura
Chair: Seung-won Hwang

Ranking Support for Keyword Search on Structured Data using Relevance Models
Veli Bicer (FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik), Thanh Tran (Institute AIFB), Radoslav Nedkov (disy Informationssysteme GmbH)

Efficient Similarity Search: Arbitrary Similarity Measures, Arbitrary Composition
Dustin Lange, Felix Naumann (Hasso Plattner Institute)

Learning to Rank Results in Relational Keyword Search
Joel Coffman, Alfred C. Weaver (University of Virginia)

Adding Structure to Top-K: From Items to Expansions
Xueyao Liang, Min Xie, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan (University of British Columbia)

TEXplorer: Keyword-based Object Search and Exploration in Multidimensional Text Databases
Bo Zhao, Xide Lin, Bolin Ding, Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Sentiments and Other Perspectives (13:30-15:30)

Room: Shuna & Staffa
Chair: Mohand Boughanem

Topic Sentiment Analysis in Twitter: A Graph-based Hashtag Sentiment Classification Approach
Xiaolong Wang (Peking University), Furu Wei, Xiaohua Liu, Ming Zhou (Microsoft Research Asia), Ming Zhang (Peking University)

Language-independent Sentiment Classification Using Three Common Words [short]
Zheng Lin, Songbo Tan, Xueqi Cheng (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

A Cross-domain Adaptation Method for Sentiment Classification Using Probabilistic Latent Analysis [short]
Sheng Gao, Haizhou Li (Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR)

Using Games with a Purpose and Bootstrapping to Create Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons
Albert Weichselbraun (University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur), Stefan Gindl, Arno Scharl (MODUL University Vienna)

Polarity Analysis of Texts using Discourse Structure
Bas Heerschop, Frank Goossen, Alexander Hogenboom, Flavius Frasincar (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Uzay Kaymak (Eindhoven University of Technology & Erasmus University Rotterdam), Franciska de Jong (Universiteit Twente & Erasmus University Rotterdam)

A Query-Based Multi-document Sentiment Summarizer [short]
Maria Soledad Pera, Rani Qumsiyeh, Yiu-Kai Ng (Brigham Young University)

Results in Context (16:00-17:40)

Room: Argyll 1
Chair: Noriko Kando

What and How Children Search on the Web
Sergio Duarte Torres (University of Twente), Ingmar Weber (Yahoo! Research Barcelona)

Personalizing Web Search Results by Reading Level
Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Paul N Bennett, Ryen W White (Microsoft Research), Sebastian de la Chica (Microsoft), David Sontag (Microsoft Research New England)

Location-aware Click Prediction in Mobile Local Search
Dimitrios Lymberopoulos (Microsoft Research), Peixiang Zhao (UIUC), Christian Konig (Microsoft Research), Klaus Berberich (MPI), Jie Liu (Microsoft Research)

Text vs. Space: Efficient Geo-Search Query Processing
Maria Christoforaki, Jinru He, Constantinos Dimopoulos (Polytechnic Institute of NYU), Alexander Markowetz (University of Bonn), Torsten Suel (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)

Image Retrieval (16:00-17:40)

Room: Argyll 3
Chair: Yi Chang

This Image Smells Good: Effects of Image Information Scent in Search Engine Results Pages
Faidon Loumakis (Fluent Interaction Ltd.), Simone Stumpf (City University London), David Grayson (Fluent Interaction Ltd.)

Retrieving and Ranking Unannotated Images through Collaboratively Mining Online Search Results
Songhua Xu (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Hao Jiang, Francis Chi-Moon Lau (The University of Hong Kong)

Adaptive Parallel Approximate Similarity Search for Responsive Multimedia Retrieval
George Teodoro (University of Maryland), Eduardo Valle (Unicamp), Nathan Mariano (UFMG), Ricardo Torres (Unicamp), Wagner Meira Jr. (UFMG)

A Linear-Time Approximation of the Earth Mover's Distance
Min-Hee Jang, Sang-Wook Kim (Hanyang University), Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University), Sunju Park (Yonsei University)

Evaluation and Analysis (16:00-17:40)

Room: Barra & Jura
Chair: Jaap Kamps

Simulating Simple User Behavior for System Effectiveness Evaluation
Ben Carterette (University of Delaware), Evangelos Kanoulas (University of Sheffield), Emine Yilmaz (Microsoft Research)

Click the Search Button and Be Happy: Evaluating Direct and Immediate Information Access
Tetsuya Sakai (Microsoft Research Asia), Makoto P Kato (Kyoto University), Young-In Song (Microsoft Research Asia)

Local Computation of PageRank: the Ranking Side
Marco Bressan, Luca Pretto (University of Padova)

Prioritizing Relevance Judgments to Improve the Construction of IR Test Collections [short]
Mehdi Hosseini, Ingemar J Cox (University College London), Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Trevor Sweeting (University College London), Vishwa Vinay (Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Evaluating an Associative Browsing Model for Personal Information [short]
Jinyoung Kim, Bruce Croft, David Smith, Anton Bakalov (University of Massachusetts)

Data Cleaning and Analysis (16:00-17:40)

Room: Shuna & Staffa
Chair: Benno Stein

The Quality of the XML Web [short]
Steven Grijzenhout (University College London), Maarten Marx (University of Amsterdam)

Context-based Entity Description Rule for Entity Resolution [short]
Lingli Li, Jianzhong Li, Hongzhi Wang, Hong Gao (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Cost-Efficient Repair in Inconsistent Probabilistic Databases [short]
Xiang Lian, Yincheng Lin, Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Approximate Tensor Decomposition within a Tensor-Relational Algebraic Framework [short]
Mijung Kim, Kasim Selcuk Candan (Arizona State University)

RFID Data Analysis using Tensor Calculus for Supply Chain Management [short]
Roberto De Virgilio, Franco Milicchio (Universita' Roma Tre)

Spreadsheet-based Complex Data Transformation [short]
Vu Hung (UNSW), Boualem Benatallah (CSE), Regis Saint-Paul (CREATE-NET)

Poster Session: KM posters (16:00-17:40)

Room: Castle

Spectral Analysis of a Blogosphere
Sang-Wook Kim, Ki-Nam Kim (Hanyang University), Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University), Joon-Ho Lee (NHN Corp.)

Citation Chain Aggregation: An Interaction Model to Support Citation Cycling
Timothy F Cribbin (Brunel University)

Collaborative Blacklist Generation via Searches-and-Clicks
Lung-Hao Lee, Hsin-Hsi Chen (National Taiwan University)

Attention Prediction on Social Media Brand Pages
Himabindu Lakkaraju, Jitendra Ajmera (IBM Research - India)

Do They Belong to the Same Class? Active Learning by Querying Pairwise Label Homogeneity
Yifan Fu, Bin Li, Xingquan Zhu, Chengqi Zhang (University of Technology, Sydney)

Structured Data Classification by Means of Matrix Factorization
Paolo Garza (Politecnico di Milano)

Transfer Active Learning
Zhenfeng Zhu (,ZHengzhou University), Xingquan Zhu (University of Technology, Sydney), Yangdong Ye (ZHengzhou University), Yuefei Guo, Xiangyang Xue (Fudan University)

A Probabilistic Approach to Nearest-Neighbor Classification: Naive Hubness Bayesian kNN
Nenad Tomasev (Institute Jozef Stefan), Miloa Radovanovi (University of Novi Sad), Dunja Mladeni (Institute Jozef Stefan), Mirjana Ivanovi (University of Novi Sad)

Representing Document as Dependency Graph for Document Clustering
Yujing Wang (Peking University), Xiaochuan Ni, Jian-Tao Sun (Microsoft Research Asia), Yunhai Tong (Peking University), Zheng Chen (Microsoft Research Asia)

Finding Redundant and Complementary Communities in Multidimensional Networks
Michele Berlingerio (ISTI-CNR), Michele Coscia (ISTI-CNR, University of Pisa), Fosca Giannotti (ISTi-CNR)

Promotional Subspace Mining with EProbe Framework
Yan Zhang, Yiyu Jia (Vermont Information Processing), Wei Jin (North Dakota State University)

A Partitioning Method for Symbolic Interval Data Based on Kernelized Metric
Bruno Pimentel, Anderson Costa, Renata Souza (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)

Hierarchy Evolution for Improved Classification
Xiaoguang Qi, Brian D. Davison (Lehigh University)

Using Random Walks for Multi-label Classification
Chaokun Wang, Wei Zheng, Zhang Liu, Yiyuan Bai, Jianmin Wang (Tsinghua University)

Latent Feature Encoding using Dyadic and Relational Data
Shin Ando (Gunma University)

Learning Kernels with Upper Bounds of Leave-One-Out Error
Yong Liu, Shizhong Liao, Yuexian Hou (Tianjin University)

KLEAP: An Efficient Cleaning Method to Remove Cross-reads in RFID Streams
Guoqiong Liao, Jing Li (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics), Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Changxuan Wan (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics)

A Diversity Measure Leveraging Domain Specific Auxiliary Information
Narayan Bhamidipati, Nagaraj Kota (Yahoo! Labs)

Mining Query Structure from Click Data: A Case Study of Product Queries
Julia Kiseleva (Saint-Petersburg State University), Eugene Agichtein (Emory University), Daniel Billsus (

Towards Expert Finding by Leveraging Relevant Categories in Authority Ranking
Hengshu Zhu (University of Science and Technology of China), Huanhuan Cao (Nokia Research Center), Hui Xiong (Rutgers University), Enhong Chen (University of Science and Technology of China), Jilei Tian (Nokia Research Center)

Joint Inference for Cross-document Information Extraction
Qi Li, Sam Anzaroot, Wen-Pin Lin, Xiang Li, Heng Ji (City University of New York)

Building a Generic Debugger for Information Extraction Pipelines
Anish Das Sarma, Alpa Jain, Philip Bohannon (Yahoo!)

Fast Supervised Feature Extraction by Term Discrimination Information Pooling
Amara Tariq, Asim Karim (Lahore University of Management Sciences)

Constructing Efficient Information Extraction Pipelines
Henning Wachsmuth (Universität Paderborn, s-lab), Benno Stein (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), Gregor Engels (Universität Paderborn, s-lab)

CoRankBayes: Bayesian Learning to Rank under the Co-training Framework and Its Application in Keyphrase Extraction
Chen Wang, Sujian Li (Peking University)

Discovering Trending Phrases on Information Streams
Krishna Y Kamath, James Caverlee (Texas A&M University)

Review Recommendation: Personalized Prediction of the Quality of Online Reviews
Samaneh Moghaddam, Mohsen Jamali, Martin Ester (Simon Fraser University)

Improving K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithms: Practical Application of Dataset Analysis
Fidel Cacheda, Victor Carneiro, Diego Fernández, Vreixo Formoso (University of A Coruña)

Structured Collaborative Filtering
Alejandro Bellogin (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Jun Wang (University College London), Pablo Castells (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)

User Oriented Tweet Ranking: A Filtering Approach to Microblogs
Ibrahim Uysal, William Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

A Semi-Supervised Hybrid System to Enhance the Recommendation of Channels in Terms of Campaign ROI
Julie Séguéla (Cedric-CNAM &, Gilbert Saporta (Cedric-CNAM)

YANA: An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Recommender System for Online Social Communities
Dongsheng Li (Fudan University), Qin Lv, Li Shang (University of Colorado at Boulder), Ning Gu (Fudan University)

More Influence Means Less Work: Fast Latent Dirichlet Allocation by Influence Scheduling
Mirwaes Wahabzada, Kristian Kersting, Anja Pilz, Christian Bauckhage (Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems)

Utility-Driven Anonymization in Data Publishing
Mingqiang Xue (National University of Singapore), Panagiotis Karras (Rutgers University), Chedy Raïssi (INRIA), Hung Keng Pung (National University of Singapore)

Privacy Preserving Feature Selection for Distributed Data Using Virtual Dimension
Madhushri Banerjee (Georgia Gwinnett College), Sumit Chakravarty (Stinger & Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.)

Switch Detector: An Activity Spotting System for Desktop
Hamid Turab Mirza, Ling Chen, Gencai Chen, Ibrar Hussain, Xufeng He (Zhejiang University)

LSH Based Outlier Detection and Its Application in Distributed Setting
Madhuchand Rushi Pillutla, Nisarg Raval, Piyush Bansal, Kannan Srinathan, C. V. Jawahar (International Institute of Information Technology)

Authormagic - An Approach to Author Disambiguation in Large-Scale Digital Libraries
Henning Weiler (University Erlangen-Nuremberg and CERN), Klaus Meyer-Wegener (University Erlangen-Nuremberg), Salvatore Mele (CERN)

DIGRank: Using Global Degree to Facilitate Ranking in an Incomplete Graph
Xiang Niu, Lu song Li, Ke Xu (Beihang University)

On Selection of Objective Functions in Multi-Objective Community Detection
Chuan Shi (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Philip S. Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago), Yanan Cai (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Zhenyu Yan (Fair Isaac Corporation), Bin Wu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Suggesting Ghost Edges for a Smaller World
Manos Papagelis (University of Toronto), Francesco Bonchi, Aristides Gionis (Yahoo! Research)

Examining the 'Leftness' Property of Wikipedia Categories
Karl Gyllstrom, Marie-Francine Moens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Detection of Text Quality Flaws as a One-class Classification Problem
Maik Anderka, Benno Stein, Nedim Lipka (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

Two Birds with One Stone: Learning Semantic Models for Text Categorization and Word Sense Disambiguation
Roberto Navigli, Stefano Faralli (Sapienza University of Rome), Aitor Soroa, Oier de Lacalle, Eneko Agirre (University of the Basque Country)

More or Better: On Trade-offs in Compacting Textual Problem Solution Repositories
Deepak P (IBM Research - India), Sutanu Chakraborti (IIT Madras), Deepak Khemani (IIT Mandi)

Mining Frequent Patterns Across Multiple Data Streams
Jing Guo, Peng Zhang, Jianlong Tan, Li Guo (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

SILA: A Spatial Instance Learning Approach for Deep Web Pages
Ermelinda Oro, Massimo Ruffolo (ICAR-CNR)

A Geographic Study of Tie Strength in Social Media
Jeffrey McGee, James A Caverlee, Zhiyuan Cheng (Texas A&M University)

Named Entity Recognition using a modified Pegasos algorithm
Changki Lee, Pum-Mo Ryu, HyunKi Kim (ETRI)

WikiLabel: An Encyclopedic Approach to Labeling Documents en masse
Tadashi Nomoto (National Institute of Japanese Literature)

Towards Noise-Resilient Document Modeling
Tao Yang, Dongwon Lee (The Pennsylvania State University)

Probabilistic Model for discovering Topic based Communities in Social Networks
Mrinmaya Sachan, Danish Contractor, Tanveer Faruquie, Venkata Subramaniam (IBM Research India)

Demo Session: Demo Boasters 2

Jasmine: A Real-time Local-event Detection System based on Geolocation Information Propagated to Microblogs
Kazufumi Watanabe, Masanao Ochi (The University of Electro-Communication), Makoto Okabe (The University of Electro-Communication, JST PRESTO), Rikio Onai (The University of Electro-Communication)

Scalable Similarity Search of Timeseries with Variable Dimensionality
Omar U. Florez, Curtis Dyreson (Utah State University)

RoSeS: A Continuous Query Processor for Large-scale RSS Filtering and Aggregation
Jordi Creus Tomàs, Bernd Amann (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Nicolas Travers (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), Cristian Dan Vodislav (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)

Conkar: Constraint Keyword-based Association Discovery
Mo Zhou, Yifan Pan, Yuqing Wu (Indiana University)

Interactive Reasoning in Uncertain RDF Knowledge Bases
Timm Meiser, Maximilian Dylla, Martin Theobald (Max Planck Institute for Informatics)

Fu-Finder: A Game for Studying Querying Behaviours---Test Your Search-Fu
Carly O'Neil, James Purvis, Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow)

PDFMeat: Managing Publications on the Semantic Desktop
David Aumüller, Erhard Rahm (University of Leipzig)